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Project description

The Centre for German Legal Information (CGerLI) is a non-profit initiative seeking to improve free access to information about German law in English.

CGerLI brings together English translations of court decisions, legislation, articles and other law-related documents scattered over the internet and adds them to its own collection of German legal information.


  • To facilitate access to German law for foreign practitioners, judges, researchers, translators and students
  • To promote the exchange of ideas and arguments among different legal systems
  • To integrate German legal information into international database networks.


  • Providing a freely accessible internet database serving as a gateway to electronically available materials on German law in English.
  • Translation and publication of important statutes and regulations, especially in the area of constitutional and commercial law.
  • Online publication of journal articles and research papers on German and comparative law.
  • Translation and publication of current German court rulings relating to the interpretation and application of European or international law.
  • Co-operation with public and private entities to improve access to German legal information.